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The Warlocks cover art by Darren Grealish© 2015


The Warlocks Rise And Fall.

In the years after Surgery, the band toured internationally and sustained changes to the lineup, leading up to the 2007 release of Heavy Deavy Skull Lover on Tee Pee.[25][26] The album was, according to Hecksher, recorded over a single weekend, with the band members quitting afterwards.[26] The album is considered darker than their previous work, with the band exploring a more experimental direction.[27] A review in Spin described the album as “funereal” and “sluggishly unrealised”, while AllMusic called it “uneven”.[25][28] Heavy Deavy Skull Lover was recorded as a four-piece and marks a brief hiatus from the band for founding member John Christian Rees, who later returned before work began on their 2009 album, The Mirror Explodes. The Mirror Explodes was released in 2009 via Tee Pee.[29] Production of the record was assisted by Joey Santiago of the Pixies. The Warlocks Rise And Fall.

The years following The Mirror Explodes saw two online releases by the band, available through Bandcamp, as well as a reissue of Rise and Fall via Zap Banana/Cargo in October 2010 which included previously unreleased rarities and artwork by Darren Grealish. The first of the online releases, the highly experimental EXP, was released on January 1, 2010 and was recorded by Hecksher alone.[citation needed] The second, Enter At Your Own Skull: Unreleased Volume One, a compilation of B-sides, demos and outtakes, was released on June 9, 2011. Besides the online releases and Rise and Fall reissue, the years after The Mirror Explodes were filled with intermittent touring and more line-up changes, resulting in the band solidifying as a five-piece.

The band announced their first commercial release for several years in 2013 with the Skull Worship, also via Zap Banana/Cargo (distribution). Skull Worship was released on November 26, 2013. The Warlocks Rise And Fall.

The Warlocks’ seventh studio album, Songs from the Pale Eclipse, is due to be released on September 2. A single, “Lonesome Bulldog”, was released in promotion for the album in June 2016.[30]

The Warlocks Rise And Fall.

The band’s music has been described as psychedelic rock.[20][26] In 2008 Hecksher said of the band’s sound “…even though it’s seemingly chaotic, achieving our sound is a really specific process. We need all these big, hollow-bodied guitars going through old Fender amps with reverb, or it won’t work.”[26]

In 2007 bassist Jenny Fraser described the songwriting process: “Hecksher writes the skeleton of the songs and everyone writes their own parts. He always draws the picture and we paint it in.”[27]

Hecksher acknowledges influences including The Velvet Underground, Spacemen 3, Spiritualized and The Jesus and Mary Chain.[31]