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Ojos Rojos is a rock band based out of Claremont, California, composed of Aaron Emil (Guitar), George Serrano (Vocals, Drums), Luis Vera (Bass), and Rhett De Lang (Guitar). Incorporating shoe-gazer stylings[1] with psychedelic rock[2] and lyrical garage, the band has been compared to acts such as Dead Meadow,[2] The Black Angels, Explosions in the Sky,[3] and Brian Jonestown Massacre.[4]

In 2010, Ojos Rojos signed a distribution deal with Cobraside and released their second album, Disappear, on March 23, 2010.

They have played alongside acts such as Black Math Horseman, Dead Meadow, Earthless, Grand Ole Party, and Chuck Dukowski Sextet and performed shows in Oakland, San Diego, Ireland, and all throughout Los Angeles.

“Ojos Rojos are Claremont drone rockers with a strong sense of psychedelic melancholia, and their full-length debut contains ghostly echoes of U.K. shoegaze classics like Swervedriver’s Mezcal Head or Ride’s Nowhere. The old Swervie bucketseat lurch of “In My Head” shifts the album into the passing lane at once, and a familiar sense of eerie travelogue decorates songs like “Disappear” and “So Wrong.” “Hear You Runnin’” decelerates to rubberneck-speed and then to a heavy-metal hovercraft wipeout, but the rest of the album is a return to suborbital cruising speed, with “13” and “Honeydew” taking us up to the interplanetary hodad surf-rock of “To Nowhere & Back,” glittering like swelling green waves against the tangerine cliffs of Mars. At 12:38, the classic long-form instrumental freakout “Burial” ends the album in exactly the spirit of the side-length tracks that closed classic first-wave psych masterpieces like Meddle or Da Capo. If this first crack is any indication of how the rock ’teens will go, expect to remember the first part of the coming decade as a long hallucinogenic blur.
—Ron Garmon / LA RECORD

“Ojos Rojos’ interpretation of psychedelia, garage and shoegaze on their sophomoric album, is at times, simply stunning. Their expansive and layered formula captures the essence of heavy-psych in its purist form. An acid-laced guitar lover’s wet dream.”
— Chybucca Sounds (U.K)

“Hypnotic guitar-driven emotional rock punctuates “Disappear”, the album by Ojos Rojos, a group that has found it plausible to write even more druggy psychedelic music than we heard in the late ‘60s. Gifted with a knack for writing staunchly well thought-out tunes, Ojos Rojos invites you to be guided on a journey that is both colorful and alliterating. Acid rock for the Internet celebrity age? You betcha. Interesting if not outright special..”
– J Sin / Smother Magazine

“Ojos Rojos gives you the feeling of staring across a Dead Meadow with, as their name translates to, “red eyes.” The Claremont quartet’s molten psychedelia, while droney in stretches, occasionally encroaches on Spacemen 3/Brian Jonestown Massacre territory, perfect stuff for long, mind-expanding nights in the desert. The foursome’s new album “Disappear” came out this week; “Step Inside” sounds a bit like a comfortable Ride…”
– Kevin Bronson / LA Weekly / Buzzbands

“From east of the massive LA sprawl comes Ojos Rojos – a driving, vivid, slow burning collective that takes cues both from the original ’60s source material and the second wave of west coast pop art experimentalism of the ’90s. Drones, swelling organs, thick grooves, an innate ‘turn on, tune in, drop out’ disposition, and the heavy reverb that resembles the sound that God makes when He/She kills Republicans accent each and every turn on their recently dropped jam hive Disappear…”
– The Decibel Tolls

“..2nd stunning album from a California band who love their guitars! A roaring vortex whirlwind of nearly hummable, head-nodding, overloaded six-string outer-space rock for the two-fingered galaxies. Pure, vibrant, melodic guitar-driven psychedelic rock with ringing crystalline notes
engulfed by waves of brain-vaporizing, molten feedback and the occasional hard rock, bluesy riff. A trippy guitar lover’s wet dream…”
– Charlie Quaker / “The Quaker Goes Deaf” Radio Show , IL

“…Das ist tonnenschwerer, säuregetränkter Psychedelic Rock mit late 60s Heavy Rock, manchen Blues-Unterlagen, aber auch mit endlos langgezogenen Refrains und Melodien inmitten all der dräuenden, verschachtelten, trippigen und oft very distorted Electric Guitars über wuchtigen Beats von der Rhythm Section und dem fürwahr “outerspacigen” Leadgesang von Drummer George Serrano (“life causes red eyes… sadness, love, sleepless nights… and weed”). Die roten Augen sind ein Quartett aus Claremont, einer Kleinstadt östlich von L.A., und ‘Disappear’ ist das zweite Album nach dem Privatdebüt ’13’ vor drei Jahren. Und vermutlich der Durchbruch zu überregionaler Wahrnehmung bei all den Anhängern dieses musikalischen Genres, das nicht totzukriegen ist, das ich aber auch schon lange nicht mehr so spannend, ernsthaft und gnadenlos gehört habe. Wie eine interstellare, zähfließende aber unaufhaltsam vorwärts treibende Masse aus Plan 9, Screaming Trees, Blue Cheer, Built To Spill, Black Sabbath, Black Angels, Spacemen 3, 13th Floor Elevators, Plasticland, Jesus & Mary Chain u.ä. 9 ausladende, team-komponierte Tracks, meist um die 5, 6 Minuten, der Opener ‘In My Head’ (8:36, was für ein passender Titel!!) und das Finale ‘Burial’ (12:36) sind sogar nochmal deutlich länger. Sehr stark!
-Chill Music / Germany