Derwood in studio.

Darren Grealish is a rock poster artist based out of Los Angeles, California. Grealish creates his brand of art based on his life experiences with relationships, travel, people, sexuality, and pop culture. Grealish is an award-winning Los Angeles based Pop artist specializing in concert posters, album art and illustration. Both psychedelic and surreal, his work is a direct lineage of the iconic rock poster art of the 60s and 70s and has been asked to include his art catalog into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame archives for perpetuity. Working mostly exclusively by hand, Grealish creates phantasmagorical scenes and images evocative of a fever dream or an extreme LSD trip. These surrealistic images have made him one of the most in-demand concert poster artists in the industry today.
Grealish exhibits his art in galleries and conventions all around the world and his distinct style has caught the attention of collectors and museums alike. He has been commissioned by a veritable who’s who in the music industry including such acclaimed acts as Beck, David Bowie, James Brown, The Stooges, The White Stripes, Dead Meadow, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Swerverdriver, The Lemonheads, MC5, Matt Hollywood & The Bad Feelings, A.J. Croce, The Warlocks, Nick Cave, The Roots, Motorhead, Radiohead, PJ Harvey, Common, Modest Mouse, Ozomatli and The Killers to name but a few.
Grealish has been published in several books including “The Stooges: The Authorized and Illustrated Story by Robert Matheu and magazines and has done work for, or his work has appeared in, SPIN Magazine, 944 Magazine, Apple Computers (Nano Campaign), the Fox television show The OC, Zeke and Luther (Disney Channel), Veronica Mars, and the films Scott Pilgrom Vs. The World, Black Christmas and Definitely Maybe. The influence of artist Alphonse Mucha can be seen in many of his images and Grealish cites such artists as Andy Warhol, Mad Marc Rude, Jasper Johns, Roy Lichtenstein, Gary Grimshaw, Martin Sharp and the Dutch design collective “The Fool” as early influences as well as Film makers Pedro Almodovar, David Lynch, Kenneth Anger and Stanley Kubrick.