Poster Artist Darren Grealish

Greetings! You’ve found the Official website of Darren Grealish©. Thanks for stopping by. This site is loaded with gig posters, record cover art, merch and t-shirt designs for bands around the world. Rock poster art has been my primary work as well as mostly music related art. Gig posters are a beautiful collectable work of art that commemorates a music event that took place once upon a time whether it was a single show or a tour poster. If a music fan adores a specific band to put up a beautiful rock poster in their bedroom, music studio, rehearsal space or place of work is an outward display of the love they have for a certain band.

Nowadays music art is a tiny 1” square avatar on digital streaming media. Even CD art is small but Rock poster art harkens back to the days of large beautiful, colorful rock art that has become incredibly popular again due to it’s explosive resurgence in the 90’s Sub-Pop grunge era. Today, whether it’s a Heavy Metal band, Shoegaze, Mod, Brit Pop, Punk Rock, Glam, Funk, Indy, Psychedelic, Reggae or whatever genre you can bet there’s someone out there plastering gig posters up everywhere on the streets or in their bedrooms in a rebirth of street art! Collectors go wild even more than comic book kids. It’s great to be a part of this wonderful art music scene.

I invite you into my colorful weird world. Take the trip! Buy some art and stick it to the man!!

Darren Grealish